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Readymix Concrete (RMC) is a ready-to-use concrete, with predetermined mixture of cement, aggregates, additives and water. It is manufactured in a centrally located factory (Batching plant) according to a set recipe or as per specifications of the client.
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ReadyMix Concrete
Ready Mixed Concrete is manufactured under computer-controlled operations transported and placed at the site ...
We are an authorized distributor of ACC Ltd., Bharathi Cement, Birla Cement in Mumbai ...
We strives to provide you with a complete range of construction chemicals. Construction chemicals ...
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Concrete is the second most used substance on earth after water; thus, it has a significant environmental impact. TNA is committed to the initiative of reducing ‘Carbon Footprints’ and accordingly it uses the Low- Carbon Blended Cements in the production of concrete. Hence, TNA uses supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) like flyash and GGBS in concrete mixes along with cement. Further optimizing the use of these materials could reduce cement and concrete emissions greatly. Also as part of this initiative, we have installed “Betonwash” appliances in all our plants which has capability of retrieval of excess concrete and slurry water from cleaning trucks, pumps, mixer, buckets etc. Slurry water is discharged from the Betonwash by owerflow into storage tanks and is normally re-used in the concrete production.
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Recently the Government of India has also recognized the efforts taken by TNA and felicitated Shri Sachin Navale -Managing Director of TNA on the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’ celebrated on June 5, 2023 at New Delhi.
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