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Ready-mix concrete

TNA is dedicated to creating a unique selection of concrete solutions that we have created especially for the Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai market. Our technical team meticulously evaluates our innovative concrete ideas to ensure that the highest-quality products are provided to our customers, guaranteeing suitability in diverse environmental and meteorological conditions. We have successfully delivered concrete across all project types, even in the most demanding locations, by employing advanced logistical techniques.

Regular Concrete

Low grade concrete M5 – M40
High grade concrete M50 – M90

All our RMC plants are QCI approved and certified by ISO.

Fleet and Concrete pumping

Delivering the ready-mix concrete in the ideal condition to the project is vital to the life of the building or the structure as each type of concrete needs specialized vehicle and equipment to preserve the physical and chemical properties to be effective. The Company operates the fleet of 80 nos. of Concrete Mixer vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with capacity of 6 cubic meters and mounted with modern Concrete Mixer. Apart from this, to support the operation RMC production, TNA also owns the fleet of Loaders, pick-up vans and tippers for transportation of aggregates from its vendors.


Concrete pumping

Apart from production of required grade of concrete, it’s also vital to support the customer in pouring the concrete into his structures specially the high-rise buildings. Hence to support the customer, TNA also has requisite numbers of state-of-the-art stationary Concrete Pumps to its armory.